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Ayush Skin Products in Bangladesh

Lever Ayush is a popular brand for skin cosmetics. For healthy looking skin, PriyoShop ensures the quality of these products and delivers them to you so that you can shop easily from home. PriyoShop is all set to provide you all the daily necessaries to ensure the best daily skincare you can get.


Lever Ayush for Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Lever ayush is 5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom to solve modern lifestyle problems. Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic healthcare that emerged from the sacred texts of ancient India. The ayush range of products have been carefully curated with authentic recipes and processes prescribed in the ancient Granthas. Each product is formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients consciously picked at a certain time of the day, when they are most potent to create extremely effective Ayurvedic solutions. Lever ayush uses the most potent ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin, hair and teeth. The goodness of ingredients like Turmeric, Saffron, Cow's ghee, Cardamom and Rock Salt have been used to formulate products that address our most worrying beauty problems.


The Products We Offer

There are variety range of skin products from Lever Ayush for your healthy looking beautiful skin.

Face Cream: The Ayush Face Creams for anti-marks and natural fairness contains the goodness of Turmeric (Haldi) known for its purification and antiseptic properties and Kumkumadi Tailam, to cure marks, lighten skin color and improve skin’s quality for spot-less fair skin.

Toothpaste: Ayush Toothpaste is formulated with 5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom to give you strong teeth and healthy gums. Its powerful anti-bacterial quality relieves toothache and spicy aroma imparts fresh breath and Dasanakanthi Choornam which is an ayurvedic medicine, known to treat toothache and bleeding gums.

Shampoo: Ayush shampoo ensures visibly thicker, longer hair. It contains the goodness of Shikakai, used since centuries as a natural cleanser and to promote hair growth. It also nourishes and strengthen hair from the roots giving you long and strong hair.

Soap: The Ayush soap gives you clear and glowing skin. It contains the goodness of Turmeric (Haldi), Saffron and Nalpamaradi Tailam. Turmeric (Haldi) is prescribed in Ayurveda for purification and also well known for its antiseptic and healing properties.

Face Wash:  Turmeric Face Wash contains the goodness of Turmeric (Haldi) and Nalpamaradi Tailam, a classical oil formulated with various effective ingredients such as Vetiver, Peepal and Amla to cure skin infections and rashes for clean and clear skin.


Checking and Rechecking

The team here at PriyoShop, focuses on the quality of the products and makes sure that there is no defect. We never allow any product with defects to get into the market, even though that may result in more cost and delay in the product release.


Satisfied Customers

PriyoShop lives for their customers. The genuine quality that we serve make us the most reliable source for online shopping. It is our utmost duty to deliver the best customer experience at the lowest price. Our customers enjoy the lowest price for genuine products. Their shared experiences move us forward and inspire us to work harder for them.


Get Your Desired Beauty Products at PriyoShop 

Lever Ayush offers you quality beauty products and PriyoShop gives you the opportunity to buy them from home at affordable prices. Get delivery across the country with minimum delivery charges and leave all your worries behind. Explore our website for details and get updates on each and every product.