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ARMAF BUCEPHALUS X EAU DE Perfume for Men 100ML - AS009

Tk 3,950.00 Tk 4,150.00
Presenting to you the ARMAF BUCEPHALUS X EAU DE Perfume for Men 100ML. A better quality perfume for men. Buy it at the best price.

ARMAF ODYSSEY Homme Perfume Black for Men 100ML - AS008

Tk 2,755.00 Tk 2,900.00
Presenting to you the ARMAF ODYSSEY Homme Perfume Black for Men 100ML. A new release by Armaf includes four new fragrances. As famous for making popular designer clone, This one mimics Prada L Homme Intense.

ARMAF BUCEPHALUS IX EDP Perfume for Men 100ML - AS007

Tk 3,950.00 Tk 4,150.00
Presenting to you the ARMAF BUCEPHALUS IX EDP Perfume for Men 100ML. A Bold, Citrusy and Daring scent with a floral heart and the musky warmth of patchouli. Bucephalus IX – a tribute to grandeur!
Armaf Perfume and Air Freshener Available at PriyoShop
Buy Armaf perfume for men and women as well as Armaf air freshener online at PriyoShop. Armaf is a leading brand for the young generation. Latest and popular collection from Armaf is available at Grab the top deals of Armaf brand from PriyoShop.
Popular Armaf Perfume Collection at PriyoShop
All the popular perfumes for men and women from the Armaf brand are found at PriyoShop:
ARMAF Body Spray Tag Him for Men: Armaf is classified as a gorgeous powdery mossy, aldehydic chypre with a floral that begins with a tantalizing floral creme broule. It is a very rare and hard to find perfume. An intense and energizing aromatic woody scent with citrus and spicy notes for stylish men.
Armaf Body Spray Club De Nuit for Men: A sophisticated woody-spicy masculine fragrance with touches of fruity accords and mint. It will give you more confident and charm.
Armaf Body Spray Derby Club House for Men: Fragrance opens with natural notes of lavender and bergamot with a mysterious heart of spices, patchouli, black woods. 
Armaf Body Spray Shades for Men: An aromatic woody fragrance with citrus accords of bergamot intermingling with sage and lavender.
Armaf Body Spray The Warrior for Men: It is a woody aromatic fragrance embracing masculinity that is enigmatic, irresistible and impenetrable Ideal for gifting purpose Great for all occasions.
Armaf Body Spray Blue Homme for Men: The fragrance opens with fresh citrus notes of bergamot, grapefruit and a heart of nutmeg, jasmine ending in lusciously subtle aromas of cedar wood, amber, musk and patchouli.
Armaf Body Spray Hunter for Men: A dazzling and intense floral woody masculine fragrance. The scent opens with sparkling notes of grapefruit, cardamom and light aromatic notes that interlaces with a floral heart of tuberose and ylang ylang. The dry down bestows the very sensual musky cedar and vetiver.
Armaf Body Spray Club De Nuit for Women: A special opulent and delicate scent with sparkling freshness of citrus accords combining with floral fruity notes of rose, jasmine and litchi.
Armaf Body Spray Club De Nuit Intense for Men: Club De Nuit  Intense for Men is a Woody Spicy Fragrance that is warm and caresses your senses with subtle woody notes.
Armaf Body Spray Hunter for Women: An inexplicable and seductive floral musky scent with delicate notes of gardenia and jasmine flowers interlaced with velvety notes of almond, precious woods and Tonka beans.
Armaf Body Spray High Street for Women: A lush mix of bergamot, passion fruit with a touch of raspberry interlaced with floral bouquet of ylang, lily of the valley and tuberose.
Armaf Body Spray Edition One for Women: Scent with neroli, jasmine, and raspberry mingled with a jasmine, gardenia patchouli, honey and amber. It will give you more confidant and charm.
Armaf Body Spray iDiva for Women: A floral blend of jasmine, orange flowers, ylang and rose interlaced with delicate fruity notes. Base notes unfold woody accords of sandal and cedars.
Armaf Body Spray Italiano Donna for Women: The fragrance opens with citrus notes of mandarin and orange blossom along with the floral heart notes of jasmine and lily spiced with carnation.
Armaf Club de Nuit Urban Perfume for Men - 105ml: Club De Nuit Urban Man a vivid provocative and intimate masculine woody fragrance for daring men. It smells unique, fresh, floral and lemonish in the opening. This is a new fragrance.
Armaf Niche Black Onyx Perfume - 90ml: Armaf Niche Black Onyx is a rich oriental perfume that showcases distinctively warm, spicy, aromatic and smoky accords of cinnamon, balsamic and patchouli.
Armaf Shades Wood Perfume for Men - 100ml: Armaf Shades Wood is a blend of woody and floral accords, a modern take on a classic rose-oud fragrance. It is elegant, luxurious and exotic. It opens with bright and tart citrus, romantic rose, and rose-like geranium. The fragrance unleashes the powerful personality of a man who takes pride in his success.
Pride of Armaf Perfume for Men - 100ml: Pride of Armaf is an aromatic spicy fragrance for men. 100% original, authentic name brand.
Pride of Armaf Eau De Perfume for Women - 100ml: There is no elegance is possible without perfume. It is unseen unforgettable ultimate accessory. Pride of Armaf Eau De Perfume for Women 100 ml lasts forever giving a solid and long lasting impact. 
The Best Armaf Air Freshener Collection at PriyoShop
Keep your place smelling garden-fresh and sprightly with a wide range of Air fresheners from Armaf. All the latest air fresheners from the Armaf brand are found at PriyoShop. Choose your favourite one from Armaf enchanted air freshener Oud, Armaf enchanted air freshener lemon, Armaf enchanted air freshener violate, Armaf enchanted air freshener vintage, Armaf enchanted air freshener summer, Armaf enchanted air freshener spring, Armaf enchanted air freshener foliage, Armaf enchanted air freshener bloom, or Armaf enchanted air freshener beauty. Armaf air freshener revitalizes the atmosphere with its succulent, clear and long lasting scent while eliminating any unpleasant smells. 
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Get enchanted with the hypnotic fragrance of Armaf perfumes, body spray and air fresheners collection. Shop from the wide range of Armaf products online at PriyoShop. Get home delivery across Bangladesh.


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