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Double Action Hand Air Pumper - G944

Tk 420 Tk 520
With 3 different nozzle sizes to fit most valves. Hose length up to 110 cm, allowing you to use more convenient.

Hand Air Pump - G943

Tk 320 Tk 420
Suitable for bike bicycle baby carriage tire, matching with gas pin can also pump up. Detachable handle design can be convenient for usage.

Life Jacket Swim Safe - G936

Tk 820 Tk 930
You don’t have to worry about your safety in swimming pools, ponds and while traveling by water in Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin or any other place.

2in1 HD Vision Visor - G913

Tk 640 Tk 750
Fingerprints or spot and influence the vision during driving! Please do not touch the mirror directly.

LIQUA Electronic Cigarette Liquid 30ml - G901

Tk 430 Tk 480
Its sturdy material will keep LIQUA from leaking, and a childproof cap keeps it safe from those curious little hands.

2 in 1 Solar Camping Light with Torch - G890

Tk 780 Tk 900
You can use it in any camping, outdoor party or any other occasion. It is a solar energy saving lamp.

Style Torch with Compass - G884

Tk 1,540 Tk 1,600
The product is water-proofed. With the newest dim, enjoys a long lifetime.

Focus Cigarette Dispenser Case with in Build Lighter - G662

Tk 399 Tk 499
One handed operation, slide the side button will ignite. With a stylish design, beautiful appearance.

Focus Slim Cigarette Case with Lighter - G539

Tk 399 Tk 499
Gentlemanly cool way to enjoy cigarettes, this masculine cigarette case with built in lighter offers guys a great way to store and protect cigarettes. Sleek, stylish and made with premium metal.

Telescopic Magnet Flashlight - G507

Tk 499 Tk 549
Flexi torch is a flexible, bendable flashlight that will light all those really hard to reach nooks & crannies.

Magic Bed - Easy Setup

Tk 1,990 Tk 2,200
No pump machine is needed to inflate this bed. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.

34 in 1 Bits & Screws Set Box

Tk 849 Tk 950
Bit set is tested to meet the highest standards for hardness and torque. Well put in the special designed transparent plastic box, the bits will not easily scattered in the box.

Multiport Charger

Tk 150 Tk 240
It allows you setup you charging station anywhere conveniently (home, office, schools, hotels etc). Its super high power makes charging quick and painless for any device.

Car Leaser Fog Lamp

Tk 350 Tk 450
Rain and fog weather turned anti-fog lamp at the rear to form a fan-shaped warning aura rear driving tips to keep safe driving distance.

Ensure Healthy Nutritional Powder - Chocolate Flavor 400g

Tk 1,200
It's provides complete and balanced nutrition. Help build bones. Help in Immunity. Supports digestive health.

Magic Finder - HG105

Tk 750 Tk 1,500
Magic Finder find any lost item in 3 easy ways. Works with any iOS/Android smart device. Track up to 8 items at once.

Electric Metal & Jewelry Engraving Pen - HG106

Tk 480 Tk 600
Over 2 Minutes of spin time with a high-speed Si3N4 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing that provides fast smooth easy fidgeting and long spin times that will impress your friends.

Backseat Car Organizer and Kick Mat

Tk 560
Grab a necessary Backseat Car Organizer from! This will help you organize the contents what you need so you can travel with the assurance that you know where everything is.

Women's Sports Wear Shorts – WSH 01

Tk 500
Women's sports wear shorts made with premium comfort poly blend. International fit ideal for morning walk, jogs and gym.

Women's Sports Wear Capri – WCA 01

Tk 1,000
Women's sports capri pants with cuffed leg opening. International fit ideal for morning walk, jogs and gym.

Women's Hooded Sports Vest – WJK 01

Tk 1,500
Women's sportswear sleeveless hooded vest with Front zipper opening. International fit ideal for morning walk, jogs and gym.

Herbs Genocid

Tk 240
Herbs Genocid Support digestive health. Helpful for cure any type of disease.

GANO Tonic Herbs

Tk 1,800
Gano Tonic Herbs is specially prepared by the ”Miraculous King of Herbs” Ganoderma lucidum and combined with other selected herbs preventing the degeneration of internal organs and strengthening tissue cells, increase oxygen in the blood system and discharge dead cells and water soluble toxins.

Herbs Honey 500G

Tk 500
Honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose and water. It also contains trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Herbs Honey

Tk 180
Honey is primarily composed of fructose, glucose and water. It also contains trace enzymes, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Joyetech Cuboid Mini E-Vap Kit

Tk 3,964 Tk 4,955
Cuboid Mini kit with Max output 80W, Cuboid mini has a 2400mAh Built-in battery brings you great vaping experience ever. It lasts longer and can be used under high wattage condition. Variable vaping modes, Upgradable firmware, Notchcoil, 5ml liquid capacity all make Cuboid mini a great setup for you.

New Green Tea for Weight Loss Health

Tk 200
It is loaded with antioxidants and various substances that are beneficial for health. Many studies have shown that green tea can increase fat burning and help you lose weight.

3 in 1 Travel Selection (Neck Pillow, Eye Shade & Ear Plugs)

Tk 350
3 in 1 Travel selection comfort Neck Pillow, Travel Eye Shade Mask, Ear Plugs, suitable for Train, Bus Flights and Car etc.

One Person Fiber Glass Camping Tube Tent

Tk 1,400 Tk 2,800
Sleeping outdoors can be such a great adventure, but no matter how adventurous you may be, you’ll always find comfort in having a sense of safety with your sleeping place. Keep yourself safe and comfortable as you sleep under the stars with the Single Person Tent.

ESTCAR Back Seat Organizer

Tk 495
Back Seat Organizer keeps your car seats protected, keeps your car very clean and organized. Perfect for storing accessories, ipad, tablet, toys, water bottles, etc. Organizer hangs on the back of your seat to create space in your car, truck, van or RV.


There is a dependency of the people on online shopping, because, the product is reached within 24 hours of order at the specific address. There are many things that people need in this busy life. Whether people get time or not, he finds the time out to buy those things. And people need to go different shop or shopping mall about to buy. However, to save your time, PriyoShop is ready to deliver these products.

You are getting your exclusive and favorite items like Backseat Car Organizer and Kick Mat, Bag Set for Mothers, Children Trolley Lug etc. There are many smoker products for smokers. There are Zero Anti-smoke Patch, Wire drawing Cigarette Case Dispenser, Mini E-Cigarette with Box, Chief Branded Spark Lighter, Horse Design Clock with Gas Lighter etc. There are also some chuckles products need to be kept and essential to keep in stock.

There are also some multi tools like 45 in 1 Screwdriver Multi Tools Set, 21 in 1 Stainless Steel Knife Set, Security Alarm Lock, 9 in 1 Utility Multi Tool Hammer, Magic Hose Pipe for Garden/Car Wash, Money Checker Pen etc. There are some playing items like A-One badminton racket, Monster Scratch Hand Gloves, Nike Strike Premier League Football, Full and half Sleeve Jersey, Rubber Wrist Band, Team Theme Mug, Head Scarf, Theme Scarf, etc those who love to play. We have car caring products like Alex Car Wash, Alex Car Shampoo, Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil, Semi-Synthetic Motor Leaf Oil in our collection.

Not only that, we have consumer foods like Ensure Healthy Nutritional Powder, Oval tine Original Add Milk, Canderel Calorie Free Tablet, Twinings Steamed Green Tea, Nescafe Original Instant Coffee, Mars Twix Chocolate, Alpen Oat Granola Multi Fruit, Herbs Honey, etc which will give you instant solution.

Therefore, choose your desired products from our countless products and get your products in your hand. 

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