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Kitchen & Cooking Tools

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle - 1

Tk 4,000
Original Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle is a smart water heater. Original Xiaomi Mi Electric Kettle is a smart water heater.

Hand Press Lemon Squeezer

Tk 432 Tk 490
Easy to use, clean and hygienic, free contamination. Simple and practical structure.

Wooden Fruit Basket

Tk 880 Tk 999
Folding carved wooden basket made from naturally renewable bamboo.

Folding Plastic Fruit Bowl 1 Piece

Tk 432 Tk 490
Square tipped nature, helps in air suction and pouring of liquid faster. Silicone-made; hence heat and cold resistant product.

Printing Titanium Knife

Tk 432 Tk 490
Made of high quality stainless steel and eco-friend plastic, durable, safe for dishware, easy to clean and remove.

Vegetable Chipper

Tk 872 Tk 990
Plastic & steel adjustable knob for tilting the blade. It is daily need to your family.

Clicks Aluminum Frying Pan 24cm

Tk 1,752 Tk 1,990
Healthy ceramic non-stick coating, manufactured without oils and fats needed to cook. Clean up is a breeze, hand wash recommended.

Kitchen Wall Hanger

Tk 432 Tk 490
Removes cleanly, no holes, marks, reusable. ABS plastic and steel finish.

High Quality Smart Kitchen Knife

Tk 432 Tk 490
High quality stainless steel with colorful ceramic coating blade. Ceramic coating is antibacterial and chemical inertness.

Egg Slicer Tool

Tk 404 Tk 459
Works with eggs, strawberries and mushrooms; place food in center of base and select one slicer plate.

Outdoor Tabletop Food Cover-1pc

Tk 396 Tk 450
Protect your food from bugs. Pull cord to open and lock push button for close.

Garlic Mashing Tube

Tk 695 Tk 790
Garlic Mashing Tube smash the garlic instantly. Very easy to use. No need to use food processor.

Kiwi Fruit Peeler Cutter Fruit

Tk 352 Tk 399
It has got a powerful suction that easily attaches the device to any smooth surface of tiles, glass, etc.

Electronic Digital Kitchen Scale

Tk 1,752 Tk 1,990
This stainless steel kitchen scale includes a large glass platform weighing surface for your convenience.

Mini Tenderizer

Tk 872 Tk 990
Perfect for beef, chicken, pork, veal, turkey and game -- readily penetrating flavor deeper into your favorite cuts.

BBQ Oiling Brush

Tk 430 Tk 490
Designed especially for outdoor BBQ multipurpose kitchen. Utensil tool easy-to-clean and good temperature resistance.

New Design Refrigerator Storage Box 1 Piece

Tk 295
Organize your fridge or freezer with this stylish Storage box. Versatile bin for storing fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, and more! Built-in handles. Great for refrigerator and freezer.

6 Pieces Kitchen Spice Jar

Tk 650 Tk 800
Set of 6, compartments with different colors, convenient to storage different condiment, one box for one taste to prevent mix of seasonings.

Philips Toaster HD-4815

Tk 2,970
With this pop-up toaster from Philips, you can enjoy good toasts time after time with its large bread slots.

Philips HD4608 Mini Electric Kettle (0.8L)

Tk 4,335
Philips mini kettle allows you to boil only the amount of water you need without taking up unnecessary space where you enjoy your drink.

Philips Sandwich Maker HD2394 - Black

Tk 4,625
Vertical, compact storage and high power for fast heating up, ready to cook light. Cord winding facility, cool touch handle and rubber fit ensure it stays in one place.

Philips Sandwich Maker HD2393 - Black

Tk 4,625
Vertical, compact storage and high power for fast heating up, ready to cook light. Cord winding facility, cool touch handle and rubber fit ensure it stays in one place.

Aluminum Frying Pan 24 cm

Tk 1,755 Tk 1,990
A seriously heavy-duty 24 cm frying pan, with thick aluminium body and tough enamel coating - will never warp or buckle.

Carrot Sharpener

Tk 300 Tk 340
Use on carrots, cucumbers, courgettes, zucchini etc. Easy to use and decorate your salad.

Tomato or Egg Slicer

Tk 345 Tk 390
It is very quality product. Soft grip handle ensures ease and accuracy of use.

Swan Sugar Bowl with Spoon -1 Piece

Tk 1,125 Tk 1,280
Great for storing cereal and other dry food such as rice, pasta flour etc. Hand holding groove for easy pouring.

Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter

Tk 430 Tk 490
Stainless steel pizza cutter is used by home cooks and professional chefs across the globe. Stainless steel resists tarnish, scratching, damage, bending, or discoloration.

6 Pieces Cake Maker Dice

Tk 352 Tk 399
6 Pieces cake maker dice. It is made of silicon. You can get it with an affordable price.

Fish Cutter Scissor

Tk 345 Tk 390
Glass-fiber reinforced handles are injection molded onto blades for extra cutting power. Co-molded with thermoplastic rubber provides slip-free grip.

Kitchen Can Opener

Tk 430 Tk 490
Helps to open caps of bottle. Multi-purpose kitchen tool.

Kitchen & Cooking Tools

Kitchen & Cooking Tools


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